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What Is My User Agent

Have you ever wondered what information is transmitted every time your web browser loads a page? There’s a lot of technical data that gets exchanged between your computer and the server hosting the website you’re visiting. One key piece of data is the user agent string.

In short, a user agent string is a way for browsers to identify themselves to websites. The string contains information about the browser and operating system you’re using, as well as your computer’s hardware.

When a browser requests a web page, it sends the user agent string along with the request. The server can then use that information to tailor the response. For example, a server might send a different version of a page to a mobile browser than it would to a desktop browser.

User agent strings can also be used to detect bots and other automated systems that are crawling a website.

You can view your own user agent string by visiting a website like WhatIsMyUserAgent.